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New(ish) beginnings

Something exciting is going to be happening with this blog! I am adding a content writer who will offer another perspective on the world. She will be posting whatever she feel like which could range from reviews, rants, raves, stories, poetry, general journal entries. She is a friend from middle school! I met her in 7th grade and we’ve been friends ever since then. … Read More New(ish) beginnings

Hard Day

So I have my first appointment with a mental health counselor this afternoon. I am trying mental health services over the internet for right now because the field of mental health, at least in my area, sucks ass. Appointments are very far into the future (months out) and they’re only during business hours. Which I can’t do because I have to work full-time like … Read More Hard Day


Well I posted some of my historical essays so there are a few things now under “H!story with Sa!re” which is just a category that I set up to make things easier to find. I believe, for now, there are 3 things under History and a few more to come. You may have noticed that some of them are dated from 2009 and 2010; … Read More History

In the Works

You know, I think my moods are elevated when its the weekend because I was feeling this same way last weekend. Theres just something about knowing that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Even though I should probably be doing some laundry, the dishes, or ordering my textbook for the summer semester that I am attending. Eventually, I will … Read More In the Works


If there is someone I know with severe anxiety, it’s me. And it’s gotten worse since I recently got two new jobs. One job is pretty slow, or rather, I should say like a roller coaster. One day will be super slow where we only have 4 patients and a handful of calls whereas another day we’ll have 11 patients and the phone will … Read More Anxiety

Reality versus fiction

I think I’ve pretty well decided that I am going to be going to graduate school and working on writing my books in my free time. The problem arises when I have two jobs and try to juggle that with writing and homework projects. It may not happen right-away but the goal is there. Graduate school doesn’t start until August so I have about … Read More Reality versus fiction

When to pursue money or passion?

The title is today’s question. My anxiety has been through the roof lately with decisions on whether to go to graduate school (simply for a better paying job) versus pursing my passon (and thus, probably being poor). Anyone in society knows that only the very few (and very lucky) can have it both ways these days. It’s either money or passion? You see a … Read More When to pursue money or passion?