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bored at work

I am so bored right now. Yesterday, we had 9 patients and the day went by at a fairly reasonable speed. Today, we started out with 7 patients and then 2 “dropped off” so now we only have 5 patients to see for the entire day. And I have to be here until 4:30p. Yesterday, during the entire 8 hour shift, I had a … Read More bored at work


I have made the conscious decision to stop drinking all alcohol and to stop abusing all medications, even OTC medications. I have been spiraling and spiraling and the worst just keeps making the worst, worse. I used to not have so much anxiety until I started abusing my anxiety medications in an attempt to not feel any emotions. Then I started having anxiety attacks … Read More decisions

Reality versus fiction

I think I’ve pretty well decided that I am going to be going to graduate school and working on writing my books in my free time. The problem arises when I have two jobs and try to juggle that with writing and homework projects. It may not happen right-away but the goal is there. Graduate school doesn’t start until August so I have about … Read More Reality versus fiction

The start.

So it looks like this ancient blog is going to be reborn into a travel blog (and other general topics). First it was Full of Words then it was Asleep With Wolves and now… Thirdly, it is officially re-branded as “Gypsy Soul : Born to Wander” which I feel is one of the more precise blog titles that I have created to go along … Read More The start.