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Do you ever get so tired of cleaning up after someone else that you want to smack them in the face, hard? Because as much as I have asked my husband to help out around the house, he still doesn’t do it unless I ask. Or yell. I just dont understand what goes through someones head when they know that someone else is doing … Read More Adulting


It’s been about 4 days without drugs or alcohol. I had a brief 1 day relapsed where I took some anxiety medication and had a glass of wine while I took a bubble bath but now I am completely out of my “medication” which makes it easier for me to not use it (because I don’t have any) and alcohol has really been tasting … Read More entitled

new tidings

I think I may start posting some of my essays that I did in college. They will, of course, be history related. I’m also thinking about posting some of my short stories as well. Most of my essays have been on this blog before, and at one point, was what got this blog as many hits as it has now. One particular blog about … Read More new tidings


I am super excited because I was allowed to move my start date for Graduate School to the Summer instead of the Fall so I’ll be starting my program about 3 months early. The only thing we are waiting on now is a registration release and that is because Summer registration is Closed so the School of Business has to get permission from each … Read More excitement

graduate school

The people that work at my local university are amazing. I was set to start graduate school in the Fall but I asked my academic advisor if I could start earlier, like in the Summer, and he was like “Sure!”. It took a Day and a half to get everything transferred and switched over so I can start sooner. The only thing, now, that … Read More graduate school

Reality versus fiction

I think I’ve pretty well decided that I am going to be going to graduate school and working on writing my books in my free time. The problem arises when I have two jobs and try to juggle that with writing and homework projects. It may not happen right-away but the goal is there. Graduate school doesn’t start until August so I have about … Read More Reality versus fiction

Life Update

Recently, I have sought out going back to school for nursing to help further my career in healthcare and patient care. However, yesterday we found out that we would have to pay for the entire education out of pocket which would end up being pretty expensive. 1) the school I would be going to to start out with, doesn’t take private school loans so … Read More Life Update