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Hard Day

So I have my first appointment with a mental health counselor this afternoon. I am trying mental health services over the internet for right now because the field of mental health, at least in my area, sucks ass. Appointments are very far into the future (months out) and they’re only during business hours. Which I can’t do because I have to work full-time like … Read More Hard Day


It’s been about 4 days without drugs or alcohol. I had a brief 1 day relapsed where I took some anxiety medication and had a glass of wine while I took a bubble bath but now I am completely out of my “medication” which makes it easier for me to not use it (because I don’t have any) and alcohol has really been tasting … Read More entitled

back out

So I did it. I went three days without abusing medications or alcohol and then I wasn’t okay. My husband is leaving for military training for about a week and I usually am not nervous or afraid for him to go but I am this time around for some reason. I’ve had three high potent drinks tonight and some Benedryl, and Ativan. I feel … Read More back out

not feeling well

I am not feeling well today. I was fine before lunch but then I ate lunch and now I do not feel good. I am wondering if it is because I am coming off of my “drugs” or because I just happen to be ovulating today. My stomach hurts, I feel dizzy and lightheaded and just an all-around feeling of “unwellness”. I am at … Read More not feeling well

suburban life

It’s a typical suburban life today. I cleaned the house, including the basement, did laundry and my husband went outside and mowed/ weed-eated the yard. Our plants are watered and now Josh is outside (again) BBQing some lunch for us. And I am bored. The house isn’t perfect because I like to stop cleaning right before that point of “no return” where I just … Read More suburban life


I am super excited because I was allowed to move my start date for Graduate School to the Summer instead of the Fall so I’ll be starting my program about 3 months early. The only thing we are waiting on now is a registration release and that is because Summer registration is Closed so the School of Business has to get permission from each … Read More excitement