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It’s been about 4 days without drugs or alcohol. I had a brief 1 day relapsed where I took some anxiety medication and had a glass of wine while I took a bubble bath but now I am completely out of my “medication” which makes it easier for me to not use it (because I don’t have any) and alcohol has really been tasting … Read More entitled

a long time coming

After two glasses of wine, 3 benadryl and 5 doses of Ativan;  I am finally going to say it. I love you and I have loved you since the first time I saw you. Your are not my husband and you are not my friend but I have loved you since the first moment I saw you. An earth shaking love. You could lose … Read More a long time coming

Joy & Interests

When I was a young teenager (literally around 12/13) I got involved in a deep and ardent love affair. With books. And fearing that this is going to be a lame blog post, I must also mention that my Dad is really the one who introduced me to reading as a hobby. I still remember going into my first bookstore, a small privately owned … Read More Joy & Interests


Today I wanted to talk about something a little hard, something that a lot of people avoid talking about for various reasons. 1) could be that is makes them uncomfortable 2) they’re scared of the subject 3) they don’t want to bring their good mood down. That subject? Mental illness. Now I’m not talking about the television version of mental problems, and every mental … Read More blackouts