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Good Day

Well I did it. I survived an entire day of training on Advance Care Directives or ACP/AD. Now all I have to do is “interview” three to five different people and I’ll get my certificate and a pin in the program. I’m not going to say the program that I sat in today because its pretty concentrated in the area that I live in … Read More Good Day

In the Works

You know, I think my moods are elevated when its the weekend because I was feeling this same way last weekend. Theres just something about knowing that you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. Even though I should probably be doing some laundry, the dishes, or ordering my textbook for the summer semester that I am attending. Eventually, I will … Read More In the Works

When to pursue money or passion?

The title is today’s question. My anxiety has been through the roof lately with decisions on whether to go to graduate school (simply for a better paying job) versus pursing my passon (and thus, probably being poor). Anyone in society knows that only the very few (and very lucky) can have it both ways these days. It’s either money or passion? You see a … Read More When to pursue money or passion?


What is with people reading books at a seemingly super human speed? Right now, I am steadily working on reading a 500+ book (Outlander, as mentioned previously) and even though I have spent every spare waking moment reading the damn book, I am only about 20% into it. Someone at my work stated that they got a friend of theirs hooked on the series … Read More reading

Joy & Interests

When I was a young teenager (literally around 12/13) I got involved in a deep and ardent love affair. With books. And fearing that this is going to be a lame blog post, I must also mention that my Dad is really the one who introduced me to reading as a hobby. I still remember going into my first bookstore, a small privately owned … Read More Joy & Interests