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back out

So I did it. I went three days without abusing medications or alcohol and then I wasn’t okay. My husband is leaving for military training for about a week and I usually am not nervous or afraid for him to go but I am this time around for some reason. I’ve had three high potent drinks tonight and some Benedryl, and Ativan. I feel … Read More back out


Last night, I was feeling pretty raw as you can tell from the post that I made. I’m not going to take it down though because even if I don’t feel that way sober, I still do feel that way on some level and I do not believe that should be hidden. In relation to the post from last night, it is better to have … Read More Raw

a long time coming

After two glasses of wine, 3 benadryl and 5 doses of Ativan;  I am finally going to say it. I love you and I have loved you since the first time I saw you. Your are not my husband and you are not my friend but I have loved you since the first moment I saw you. An earth shaking love. You could lose … Read More a long time coming