About Freya

Freya, 28, I live in the United Kingdom with my family member, Ste, and have been friends with Alaina since 7th grade.

I’m a big animal lover, which you’ll find out I’m that one person that even though the dog keeps biting me I’ll still keep trying to pet it. In all honesty I have a love/hate relationship with my three cats, I love them but they hate me.

Currently I’m a wannabe voice actress but I’m still setting up my portfolio. Once I’ve got that done I’ll link it. I enjoy doing loads of things from traveling, reading, singing, swimming, camping, etc. At the moment I’m also trying to learn Japanese and history because I’m definitely going to visit.

“She also enjoys being up to no good…” – Alaina. I’m not going to deny this statement at all.

Any questions you want to ask feel free to ask away!