The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

Another book focusing on southern charm and mystery is this book. The Restorer by Amanda Stevens. Set in Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas much as the blue ridge mountains, this book is lush with the fragrances of summer time in the deep south.

The story focuses on the main character, Amelia Gray, who works as a cemetery restorer. But she’s not just any normal cemetery restore she’s actually one of the best that Charleston South Carolina has to offer. This character comes to be nicknamed The Graveyard Queen because she is really good at what she does. That is until she finds a dead body while restoring a local cemetery. I know what you’re thinking dead body – cemetery – what’s so bad about that but she actually ends up finding a fresh grave with a fresh body and it in a cemetery that dates back hundreds of years and has since been abandoned. Which means whoever was buried in the fresh grave was freshly murdered.

Because of this incident we are introduced to a secondary character named John Devlin Who is pretty much the a pitta me of a tall dark brooding police detective that every woman dreams about. He’s tall, strong, intimidating, and he knows shit. The author even introduces him in the story as walking through thick fog which kind of gives the reader a little bit of a Pride and Prejudice feel where Mr. Darcy also comes walking towards Ms. Bennett in a similar fashion. Talk about major sexual tension.

I love the story because it’s a mix between police crime drama, mystery, and supernatural thriller.

But wait I didn’t tell you the best part the reason why I absolutely love this book is because Amelia Gray is not just any cemetery restorer, [spoiler] she can see ghosts to and interact with them. Which she pretty much keeps hidden from all of the other characters in the book except her father who can also see ghosts.

While restoring one cemetery, like I said, Amelia finds a fresh corpse buried inside of an old grave. There she teams up with John Devlin in the police detective and they really hit it off with intense sexual tension throughout the entire book. I mean I even wanted to grab John Devlin’s face and give him a great big giant smooch on the lips. His character is so perfect! Then they not only find one freshly dead body but they find several freshly dead bodies are buried in the same cemetery that Amelia is trying really hard to restore. And what makes matters worse is that the murderer is actually on the loose.

But wait that’s not it – further into the story we gain a very helpful (yet mysterious) friend of a friend that decides they want to help Amelia and John Devlin solve the crimes that are going on in the cemetery.

Between the murders, the sexual tension, the thrilling mystery plot, and all of the southern charm of South Carolina you really get a full-bodied story that is simply divine to read. It’s not just your ordinary crime drama and it’s not just your ordinary supernatural-ghost-story-thriller. I love that there are many different genres all thrown into this book to make it what it is.

I love this book simply because of all of the Southern charm it has. The ghost story definitely added to the love as well.