I’ve been getting migraines pretty frequently lately and they’re not just any kind of migraine. They’re some weird ass hand-tingling, face numbing migraine. I went home early from work today because of one such migraine. I hate them. These kind, especially, scare me because – like I said – they strongly resemble stroke symptoms… Hand tingling, facial numbness, blurred vision, seeing spots, delays in thought processes, along with the accompanying killer headache.

I called one doctor today to try to get some migraine medication. I call another doctor to make an appointment to go in and be seen for the reoccurring migraines. The point is, I am tired of going to the Emergency Room and being fed IV cocktails. I am tired of leaving work and my patients because of these random ass killer headaches. Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy going home from work. Work gives me something to do and a means to keep my mind busy. It makes me feel needed and productive so going home is very much like a punishment. It leaves me alone with my thoughts in a quiet house with two very annoying dogs. No sir, I do not enjoy going home with a migraine.

Which brings me to my next point. I really need to find out what the underlying issue to these migraines is. Why do they keep happening? What is causing them? Do I have M.S. and just don’t know it yet? Am I going to randomly “stroke out” one of these days? I’d really like to have answers so I know something more sinister isn’t going on in my body.

Update 6/5/2018:

Finally heard back from a doctor today and they are prescribing me something for my migraines. Called Maxalt. 5mg every 2 hours until headache goes away with a max amount of 30mg in 1 day. I still have a slight headache today but its down from the full blown migraine that sent me home from work yesterday. Which, the headache, I will take over the migraine any day.

But the bottom-line is that I need to know what is actually causing the migraines to happen to begin with. Like I was saying yesterday, just to make sure that there is nothing more sinister going on with my body. For all I know, a migraine, may just be a symptom.