Alaina’s 2018 Reading List

Last year my goal for reading was modest – it was only a goal to read 10 books. Which I succeeded in completing and actually ended up reading about 13 books for 2017. For 2018, I wanted something that was a little more realistic so I increased my reading goal from 10 to 20. Mind you, I start graduate school this year and it is completely new territory so I have no idea if 20 books is a good goal to set or not (yet). Anyway, here is a list of the books that I would like to read in 2018:

  • A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  • Secrets of the Best Run Practices by Judy Capko
  • Outlander by Diana Galbadon
  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  • The Lions Game by Nelson DeMille
  • Midnight Crossroads (Midnight, Texas) by Charlaine Harris
  • Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly
  • The Visitor by Amanda Stevens
  • The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz
  • Wuthering Heights by Charolette Bronte
  • The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
  • Frederick & Fredericka by Mark Helprin
  • Empire of Sin by Gary Krist

Like I said, these are the books that I plan on reading in 2018 with the exception of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that I plan on re-reading again sometime this year as well. I didn’t want to put them on the list since I had already read them (this would be about the 3rd time). All of the 2018 Reading List books are books that I have not read yet but want to.

As you can see from the above, 3 of them are crossed out. Those are the books that I have read so far. Yes, finally, I am done reading Outlander and it was sooooooo good. Out of 5 stars, definitely, without a doubt, I would give it a 5 star. I loved the imagery, the depth of characters, the story line, the love story, the culture. Excellent books. 1000 something pages but a good read as long as you’re not intimidated by 1000 pages.

My next book that I have already started reading is Beautiful Creatures. Pretty excited about reading it since I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. I have switched between reading on Kindle and reading a hard copy book this time just because I am tired of reading on a Kindle for now. I read the entire Outlander book on Kindle so now I am switching it up and using hard copy. I found my hard copy version of Beautiful Creatures at a thift store and only paid $0.50 for it!! Can you say HOLLAAAA!!!