The City of the Ladies: An Essay

Women of the Renaissance helped to refine the soul of the Baroque period by adding sensitivity, empathy and passion to the world of arts and letters through their highly detailed contributions during the Renaissance within the realm of educational reform, the establishment of feminism, changes in Fashion & Design as well as the creation of the Anglican church and by evolving the image of women within the imagination.

In order to understand the ladies of the Renaissance, we must first discover the depths of uncertainty that their families came out of which worked as a spark to motivate them into seeking better opportunities for themselves. Prior to the great European Renaissance was a “dark” and depressing period, from the 5th century to the 14th century (Years 400-1300 C.E.)1, known as the Middle Ages which had few “high points” for civilization. There were many occurrences of “bad luck” that could have possibly helped make the bad situation, of these times, worse. Agriculture was often lacking; the food output from farming was often subpar when it came time to harvest as droughts and bad soil played a key role in dampening agricultural resources for much of Europe. Secondly, disease was rampant across Europe; many people were considered lucky to make it past their infancy during this time but, more astonishingly, living into an “old age” consisted of reaching the ripe age of thirty-five years old2. Finally, wide spread warfare, looting, and pillaging seemed to be one of the only ways in which “good people” could do something to lift their own families out of the oppression of the Middle Ages.

It was because of these practices of warfare, disease, and poor food production that people began to seek their resources elsewhere and, thus, trade slowly began to occur throughout much of Europe; making the families involved in this business wealthy at a fairly rapid pace. This, in turn, led to a need for people to be well-rounded when it came to linguistics and education. As a result of the “supply and demand” that was occurring within the mercantile business, business began to quickly expand to further areas of the world. People, then, began to seek some basic education in order to better their careers as worldly merchants and expand their horizons as individuals as well as built strong relationships with their business partners in foreign reaches of the world. Resultantly, Europe discovered themselves on the brink of a “New Dawn” that we now know as The European Renaissance!

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