Good Day

Well I did it. I survived an entire day of training on Advance Care Directives or ACP/AD. Now all I have to do is “interview” three to five different people and I’ll get my certificate and a pin in the program. I’m not going to say the program that I sat in today because its pretty concentrated in the area that I live in although it is in a bunch of other states and some countries in Europe.

Yesterday I was mildly freaking out about going because I didn’t know what I was getting into. New environment and all. But this morning when I woke up, I didn’t even think about it and it wasn’t at all bad when I went up to the second floor, into the classroom.

Today was an okay day. If I could do anything on an ideal day, it would NOT be sitting in a classroom all day listening to different people repeat themselves. In fact, it would be going you my local Barnes & Noble and getting a huge coffee from their Starbucks in there and then walking around looking at all the books, magazines, and journals. Then maybe buying some. Yep, that would be an ideal day. So it was concluded that if I was in the hospital that I did not want to lose the ability to drink coffee or read. And that pretty much summed it up. That, at least, I learned today. I would even be willing to say that today was a good day.

When I got off, I went to the grocery store to buy some pork chops, coffee, milk, and eggs. Then I came home and made dinner while my husband surprised me by being outside mowing the lawn. Now the lawn is all nice and neat and our bellies are full. Josh was really hungry so he went back for seconds. That, in itself, made me feel good because he doesn’t hand out compliments very well. Obviously, I made pork chops. But I added macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and a southern style biscuit to finish off the meal. It was good and today was good.

I’m strong leaning on going to take yet another bubble bath and read a bit of Outlander. Which, yes, I am still reading. I am about 29% through the book so far which literally means I have read about 250 pages. Its about a 500 page book so I have read a lot of pages but haven’t really made a dent in the book yet. However, it is amazing. I love every part of it so far and I already am in love with Jamie Fraser. I am quite fond of Claire as well. Any way, onward to my bubble bath!!