Crazy Day

Today was a bit of a crazy day for me and after yesterday where I only had one patient for most of the day, I was not ready for the six patients and endless amount of phone calls that today brought. And next week is going to be even more crazy with 10 patients starting out of Monday. No patients Tuesday or Wednesday and then, as of now, 7 patients on Thursday and 7 again on Friday.

The bright side of this weekend is that I will get ample time to relax and reset. This week was pretty stressful since I knew leading up to Wednesday that my husband would be leaving for a week for military training. So on Monday and Tuesday, and even Wednesday my anxiety was through the roof. Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) were not too bad but they weren’t good either. I anticipated being overwhelmed at work only to be completely bored out of my mind.

Last night, my sister and I went out to our local cinema and watching Avengers: Infinity War. I was absolutely not prepared for the ending where a lot of my favorite characters disappeared into literal thin air. Which, I take it, means an end to their story because you can’t have more movies if you just completely wrote off the character. Like Star Lord. Like, what the holy fucking fuck. You kill his girl and then you make him AND Groot disappear…?! Guardians of the Galaxy was my FAVORITE Marvel story. There is goes, right up into smoke and ash to blow away in the wind. Thank GOD they did not make Ant-Man (who wasn’t even in the movie) or Captain America disappear because I would have LITERALLY lost my shit right there in the movie theater. Completely was NOT expecting them to make the Black Panther disappear as the 1st movie literally just came out and is even still in theaters. He’s not my favorite character but he is still such a baby story line (move wise) that I was not expecting them to write him off especially with the way they ended his 1st movie. It was like they were telling us that they were planning a sequel.

Of course, Stan Lee has been in and out of the hospital lately so it makes sense that they would write and “end” to all of the Marvel movies – tying them all together into one ending so that Stan Lee can actually be around on earth to witness the end of “the story”. In some small way, I can at least appreciate that they did that.

Needless to say, the movie was good and they did not write off the other major characters like Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man… etc… but they did write off some beloved ones like previously mentioned Star Lord, Spider Man, Groot, Black Panther.

I wasn’t disappointed in the movie so much as I was surprised that they were literally telling fans that that was it. It’s over. No more Marvel movies, at least, for our current story lines. That is, at least, what I took away from it. So are there really no more movies coming out? Even no Black Panther 2? No more Thor? No more Guardian of the Galaxy?