new tidings

I think I may start posting some of my essays that I did in college. They will, of course, be history related. I’m also thinking about posting some of my short stories as well. Most of my essays have been on this blog before, and at one point, was what got this blog as many hits as it has now. One particular blog about the Middle East was used (with permission) by a teacher actively teaching somewhere in Asia. I guess to teach his students about the differences in opinion depending on geographic location or the level of education someone has.

In college, I not only studied history but I also studies what they call, “Middle Eastern Studies”, had the minor existed at my school I would have Majored in History and Minored in Middle Eastern Studies but it didn’t and still doesn’t which is entirely unfortunate. Then I planned to go to graduate school for anthropology until the local university decided to discontinue the graduate anthropology program – that and the “library science” program as well. Which is a terrible, terrible shame.

So now I am still doing graduate school but because, work wise, I have worked in nothing but healthcare; I decided to “mask” my history degree by getting a degree in Healthcare Administration. To, one day, become a compliance manager or an auditing manager. It’s a smart choice because, at least, you know when you get out that you have a good chance of finding a job, at least (again), in entry level management which makes more income than what I currently make now.

I was supposed to start the program in the Fall of this year (August) but I asked to be moved to start sooner and take classes over the summer but all of the classes are full so they have to get special permission to add one more person to the class which could or could not happen. I’m supposed to hear back from the school on that at some point. I was under the impression that it would be sometimes this week but haven’t heard anything yet.

But honestly, if I could be anything in the world, I would want to be an archeologist.

An archeologist and a writer because history and writing are my two passions. They are the reason that I have this blog and the reason I write as often as I do. You know, you have to use what God gives you. And God took away the Anthropology program so that I could have a chance to do something else. I could do the program online but that would kind of defeat the purpose of doing the program since anthropology is largely “hands on” type stuff.