suburban life

It’s a typical suburban life today. I cleaned the house, including the basement, did laundry and my husband went outside and mowed/ weed-eated the yard. Our plants are watered and now Josh is outside (again) BBQing some lunch for us. And I am bored. The house isn’t perfect because I like to stop cleaning right before that point of “no return” where I just start getting angry at everything. Because, truth is, I fucking hate cleaning the house but no one else is going to do it expect for me (so there I am cleaning the damn house, again). It smells like disinfectant and lavender. The endless amounts of dog hair are swept up, and my clothes smell nice. And then I’m done. So I just sit here and stare out the window like any normal depressed individual. Then I realize that I should be doing something at least pretend productive; so here I am blogging.

I didn’t read any of my Outlander this past week. Not for any particular reason. I’m still about 20% into it (at least, that’s what GoodReads tells me) and the story is amazing. I just haven’t chosen to sit down and actually read anything this past week. I didn’t work any of my 2nd job this week or last week either (expect for a total of 1 day, that was only 2 hours long of a shift). But I am determined to do better next week. I am determined to not be as sad, not have so much anxiety, read more, blog more, clean the house more…. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, probably only about 2 of those things will actually happen.

Those 2 blog entries I deleted, I am seriously thinking about re-posting because even though they are embarassing, they are still a part of me. However shameful they seem to my sober self. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you readers out there to be reading some of these blog entries… I also haven’t figured out how to do Spell Check on this new Macbook of mine. The buttons don’t work the same as my iMac or my PC laptop (you know, the tin can one?). So I apologize for the massive incorrect spelling of words – I am doing my best.

I got my week in August off work to go to Washington D.C. and I’ve bought the plane tickets so I am definitely going to see my childhood friend who I haven’t seen in person since 2005. I am very excited about the trip. I have never been to Washington D.C. before so I am excited to learn about the history, visit all the landmarks, and especially see my friend. Its been 13 years since I’ve seen her but I am so much in love with her still that I know its only going to feel like a week that we’ve last seen each other when we meet at the airport. 2 of my other friends that I haven’t seen since 2005, as well, may be making the drive to see me in Washington D.C. since the two of them don’t live too far out from there. It would kind of be rude to not drive 2-3 hours just to see a childhood friend that you insist you miss like crazy over Facebook every couple of months. But I am an adult and I know people so I’m not going to hold my breath in anticipation that they may or may not make the drive to see me.

This weekend has been good. Not great, but good.

Friday, I got off work 15 minutes early. Josh and I went out to “have fun” which consisted of going to a strip club and “buying local” with the girls there. The one particular one we go to about every week is called Rumors and the girls there are very down-to-earth. We enjoy going there because, obviously, the entertainment and their drinks are amazing. They do not skimp on the alcohol they put in their drinks. I don’t think you all know this but I am bisexual so I enjoy watching the girls there just as much as my husband. Since we are “supporting local businesses” we do not think going to places like that “is wrong” although some of my Freewill Baptist family members will (and have) disagreed.

Saturday (yesterday), Josh and I went to visit my sister at work. She works at a Cafe so essentially went out to have dinner at her place of employment, which gave us an excuse to see her. Then we went shopping because her Cafe just happens to be inside of a very large retail store as well. When we got home, my sister just happened to get off very close to when we arrived home, my sister and I went out for drinks at a local Italian resturant. I decided to take my sister there because, again, I am big into supporting local businesses and the food is great (she hadn’t eaten yet) and they have two full sized bars in the one establishment. Jessie was super impressed which made me feel good that I took her to a good place. Afterwards, my sister wanted to go to an adult store (for whatever reason), so I took her there and we both purchased some oils and lotions.

Today (Sunday), seems to be a cleaning and relaxing day. Since I have already cleaned, it is now time to relax. I may see if Josh wants to go see a “Matinee” at the cinema later but I haven’t decided if I should bring it up yet or not.

Anyway, it was good chatting in this one way conversation. See you soon!