dog days

I dont know if you guys know or not yet (because I dont think I’ve told you yet) but we have two dogs and two cats. They are our fur-babies. There, now you know. Anyway, we took the dogs out for a “dog day” which basically means the day is theirs and we do whatever they “want” to do.

They like going outside and exploring so we went to what we call “the battlefield” – which is literally and old Civil War battlefield national park that we have a “pass” to because we go there so much (again, remember, I have a history degree). So, we took the dogs to the battlefield and walked around. A great feature of “the park” or “the battlefield” is that there are about five miles worth of hiking trails there. We didn’t go that far today (but we have in the past – it took 3 hours) but I think the dogs really enjoyed it.

We walked around, Roxy (our girl dog) jumped into the river and was taken away by the current or at least, she would have been, had she not been tethered to me. So I pulled her back to humanity, up onto a huge tree root, and back onto dry land. She did it to herself, she just jumped right into the raging river and expected to take a quick dip. Yeah, a quick dip and dive and OH MY GOD SHE’S LEAVING US *pulls on tether*.

After the park we went to McDonalds and got the dogs some ice cream. Because they freaking love ice cream, duh. Then we went home. It was a good day. Josh (my husband) has some issues where he likes to try to control every little thing so I had to yell at him a little bit today because of that, but other than that, we went to the battlefield, got ice cream, then all came home to take a nap. Now, I’m typing on my new MacBook that has “clicky” keys that make my fingers sound important and drinking coffee.

Did you know that I love coffee? Yes, yes, I do. This must be what it’s like to read a blog by an ADHD person. Constantly subject switching mid-sentence. I blame it on my nap. Okay, not my nap. I blame the coffee. OKAY, not the coffee. Let’s blame these “clicky” keys then because they really are making me feel all super important right now. ‘

Anyway, cheerio! Off to enjoy the rest of my weekened!

P.S. Totally missed that yesterday was “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU” but Happy Cinco De Mayo! 🙂