I am super excited because I was allowed to move my start date for Graduate School to the Summer instead of the Fall so I’ll be starting my program about 3 months early. The only thing we are waiting on now is a registration release and that is because Summer registration is Closed so the School of Business has to get permission from each professor to add me to their class. Since the courses, over the summer, are online – I really hope they don’t reject me (although, there is a chance that they might).

You may notice some gaps in my journal entries and that is because I wrote some while I was extremely under the influence and did not feel that it was appropriate for my journal since it is not how I truly feel when I am sober. You see, everyone has that hidden self, and when you drink or do drugs (I’m not saying I do either) that “hidden self” likes to come out and wreck havoc on your life. It confesses unbreakable love to a lost love, if tells off one of your sworn enemies, it buys a $500.00 Micheal Kors purse, it buys a little Yorkie puppy and names it Mike. Don’t ask, that didn’t really happen. Total embarrassment is what I am trying to say. So I wrote two journal entries and made them very poetic, because apparently, I turn into William Shakespeare when I’ve had an entire bottle of wine all to myself…. Re-read them when I was back in my right state of mind and was just like… Wow, yeah, no, this can’t be on the internet.

On a good note, though, I am blessed enough to be able to afford to purchase a new MacBook Pro (all for myself). Right now, I can a crappy tin can of a laptop (HP sucks) so I wanted to upgrade to a more dependable brand for graduate school, since Im going to be intensely using it for the next 3 years. So, that comes tomorrow. You may see a lot of journal entries come out of that excitement.