Reality versus fiction

I think I’ve pretty well decided that I am going to be going to graduate school and working on writing my books in my free time. The problem arises when I have two jobs and try to juggle that with writing and homework projects. It may not happen right-away but the goal is there. Graduate school doesn’t start until August so I have about 4 months to figure my shit out before it gets really bad. I’ve got two books in the works, as you now, 1 from 2009 and another that I’ve been working in since 2017. I am hoping to have, at least, the one from 2017 wrapped up fairly soon before I start graduate school.

My husband brought up a good point. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And if I don’t try to do graduate school, how may opportunities am I withholding from myself. I have a bachelors degree, I shouldn’t be working entry level jobs, yet here I am. The jobs I work are great but they are beneath me. I need more. And I desire more. There’s a difference between working for a living and pursuing a passion… That passion cannot be anything without the funds to back it. Especially in today’s society so I need a good fall back plan; something that will allow me to work and pursue my passion and that is exactly where I’m at right now.

The hard part about figuring things out is that I want to go back to school and advance my career and earning potential but I also want to focus a lot of that energy into finishing my books that I was to get published one day. Mine you, they don’t all have to be done tonight or tomorrow, or even the next day. I’m just afraid they wont get done at all.