What is with people reading books at a seemingly super human speed? Right now, I am steadily working on reading a 500+ book (Outlander, as mentioned previously) and even though I have spent every spare waking moment reading the damn book, I am only about 20% into it.

Someone at my work stated that they got a friend of theirs hooked on the series and she was reading 1 book a day/night. Like, actually staying up past her bedtime and reading the book within a 24 hour time span. This is my point? How do people do that?! I’ll spend and hour and a half in the bath tub, full bubble bath time and everything, getting pruny and only read about 20 pages. Like, I can’t even with these super human readers right now.

One time I bought my niece a Manga comic book that was about 200 pages long, and it took her a whole of an hour to finish it. Like… WHAT?!

The short point here is, I wish I was a super human reader. I’d have the Outlander series completely done, which by the way, there’s like 20 books in the series and they’re all 400-500 pages long. The story is Epic. Like legitimately Epic. *cries quietly to self*