I have been in the medical field for 8 years now and been a Medical assistant for just as a long. I should start by saying in 2009, a year after I graduated high school, my Dad wanted me to go to school but the problem was that I didn’t have a car or a driver license in order to get to school. So, I enrolled into a technical school that was close to our house. It was there where I took a program for Medical Assisting to become a medical assistant. Through out the whole program, I maintained a 4.0 GPA and seemed to really enjoy the “Clinical” aspect of the program. 8 years later, I am still a Medical Assistant working in healthcare but I want more. So, I’m going back to school to get an Associates Degree in Nursing (ASN) which is the bare minimum you need to sit for your NCLEX exam in order to get an R.N. license.

The reason I would like to do this is because I know that I’m not going to be happy by just being a medical assistant for the rest of my life. Mind you, I already have a Bachelors Degree because for a while, I wanted to be an Archeologist – So I got my bachelors in history (after I did medical assisting) and I was going to enter a graduate program in Anthropology at our local State University… That is, until they defunded the program. So, in short, my original plan was do go to school and get skills that would allow me to get a fairly decent paying job. I was going to work all the way until I got my Masters Degree in Anthropology but then, after that, I was going to be an Anthropologist. That obviously didn’t work out.

But at least I had a portion of my original plan to fall back on. Because, that’s life, not everything works out according to plan. And at this point, helping patients, it really makes sense for me to taking my medical assisting experience a little further, for myself, and for my patients. I recently started a new job (doing medical assisting) and already there are a few things that I don’t know and, therefore, I don’t know how to help my patients. One problem is that an R.N. was in the position that I am currently in so there are things that she could do that I cannot do simply because I don’t possess an R.N. behind my name. So we’ll dismiss that at “growing pains”. Anyway, my point is that I hate feeling helpless. I hate feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing and in some situations, its like that. I just have to wing it for right now but I really feel like, with the right education and tools, I would know the answer to some of the questions my doctor asks me. Or I would know a solution to a problem a patient is having. Right now, the only choice I have is to divert the questions to my doctor to answer. Most of them. Which, you can tell, some of them he wonders why he is even getting them because “I should be able to answer them”. But that’s not it, I don’t know because I’m not a nurse. The old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies to me here on a few occasions. If I haven’t been educated in certain aspects of healthcare (You know, RN level information) than how would I know? I wouldn’t Again, like I said, growing pains.

So instead of sitting by and letting stuff happen to me, I am going out and seeking answers for myself and seeking to strengthen my weaknesses by going back to school to get not only my ASN, but also my RN, in the process. Over the Summer (starting in June) I will be taking Psychology of Aging and Allied Health Nutrition and in the Fall I will be taking Human Anatomy and Introduction to Chemistry. After that, Human Physiology and Microbiology – then I’ll be golden to start the ASN program that I have already been half admitted to (pending successful completion of per-requisitie coursework).